Monday, August 16, 2010

We made it through!

We survived our first day back to schooling at home!

The morning started off a little rocky, but I think we'll get a routine down soon and that will help.
Here's some highlights from the day. After we're a little more settled, I'll do a "Day in the Life" type post to better explain how our day goes.

The boys spent some time watching videos demonstrating how the lessons are organized online and getting use to using the interface.

We reviewed maps, globes, and the directions in 2nd grade social studies today. Someone kept getting their directions mixed up and needed a little help remembering which is which.

Some of us drew self portraits to start out art portfolios for the year...

that ended up looking like this.

Some of us did important QA testing of the new school stuff.

And then we ended the day with snack time.

We played with our food. Isn't homeschooling great?